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National Fish & Seafood

We Ensure Your Shrimp Is Sustainable

We have gone through considerable effort developing a sustainable and traceable shrimp program.  We are a Governing member of the Global Acquaculture Alliance (GAA), a non-profit NGO that develops the Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards for the aquaculture industry.  We have aligned ourselves with Trace Register, the leader in providing traceable solutions to the seafood industry. We work  hand in hand with the Farms and the Processors to provide you with the best sustainable product, and we are working on certifying the hatcheries, thereby becoming 3 star certified. This will make us the only 3 star certified shrimp supplier currently delivering to US customers. 

Why is this important? Increased sales. By purchasing our 2 star certified shrimp, you are supplying your customers with the highest quality shrimp on the market, along with the ability to promote social and environmental responsibility at store level.  This is a great way to reach the social sensitivities of your consumer and create a great buying experience that will foster a brand and product loyalty that will lead to increased sales.