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Matlaw's Clams Casino
Matlaw's™ Clams Casino
The stuffing mix is a blend of Italian bread crumbs, clam meat , red and green peppers with celery and choice spices. Each box contains 12 stuffed clams in a natural shell. It is called Clam Casino due towards the size of the shell. Our boxes have been strategically designed to be showcased in two ways, vertical or lying horizontal.
    Health Benefits of Eating Seafood
  • 8 oz Retail Box
  • 12 Casino style Natural Shells
  • Shells are stuffed with a mix of Clams, Breadcrumbs, Red & Green Peppers, Celery and Spices
  • Microwaveable or bake-ready tray




Cooking Instructions 



If Frozen: Remove clams from tray
and place on a cookie sheet into a 
preheated 450°F oven for 30 minutes.

If Thawed: 450°F for 20 minutes.


Place the clams on a microwave
safe plate and cook on high for 2
minutes and 30 seconds. Let
product stand for 1 minute.
Product was tested using an 1100
watt oven.

*Cooking times may vary.


If Frozen: Place clams on grill
rack onmedium heat, cook for
20 minutes. Baste with butter for more flavor.

If Thawed: Place clams on grill
rack on medium heat, cook for
10 minutes. Baste with butter for more flavor.